Saturday, February 18, 2012

As I was growing up, I always believed that there was something special for me, but while many people had their "thing" I had many things. I never really had that one thing that I was really good at. I always wanted to have that one thing that people would look at and say "yup, that's kariti's work". Around the time that I was like   20 years of age, and I should probably mention that I am a mere 23 years now, I got to a point in my life where I was jobless, essentially homeless(living with parents), and spending all my time in front of the tv. My mother decided one day that I should pick a craft and take some classes in it, get really good and then start selling. I chose beading/jewelry on a whim, and well just never stopped beading after the first class. It is strange that a girl who hated anything "girly" or "preppy" as I called it at the time, would choose jewelry but God does have a really unique sense of humor. At any rate, I have learned alot since then and in further posts on this blog I will let you join me in my journey as I continue to learn everything that I can about beading and jewelry design. Here's hoping that perhaps you too will find some inspiration and begin a journey of your own into a craft that can be so explainably satisfying you just never stop. I just thank God every day that my husband is such an understanding person when it comes to my beading, which less face it, has taken over my life and our bedroom.